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Williston Middle High School
350 Robert Philpot Way
350 SW 12th Ave.
Williston, FL 32696
Phone: (352) 528-3542
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Home of the Williston Red Devils!

Our mission at Williston Middle High School is to build character, advance knowledge, and prepare our students to be community, college, career and society ready.

WMHS Administration: Dean of Students-Jim Smith, Assistant Principal-Dee Westfall, Principal-Josh Slemp, Assistant Principal-Hillary Cribbs, and Dean of Students-Ben Hawkins.


Levy County schools closed through May 1, 2020. School will reopen May 4, 2020.  Please stay tuned for any new information.


Distribucion de trabajo escolar y comidas- Condado LEVY

Williston Middle High School
350 SW 12th Ave
Williston, FL 32696
Phone 352-528-3542 / Fax 352-528-2723


Joshua Slemp, Principal
Hillary Cribbs, Assistant Principal
Dorenda Westfall, Assistant Principal

Good Afternoon Parents/Guardians and Students, 


We know you have been waiting for more specific details about our new way of work starting this coming Monday, March 30th. Thank you for your patience and your continued patience as we navigate through this new learning experience together. This message includes all of the important details of what you need to know.  


Students with internet access-Parents/Students, you have been surveyed over the past week or so about your  internet availability. We have recorded your responses and have implemented plans accordingly. Students with internet access will begin online learning starting Monday, March 30th through Google Classroom and/or Edgenuity.  Parents that mentioned their internet is “spotty”, we would like for you to try online instruction first. If it appears you are having continuous issues please let Mrs. Cribbs know Online instruction is going to be much easier for students, parents, and teachers to keep up with. The following link includes the “map”  or master plan of each teacher and what platform they are using, along with all of the important access codes for each. This master plan also includes various forms of communications per teacher. Some have Google Phone numbers for you to call and get them directly, while others have established Remind groups to get you quicker responses. Be sure to sign up for all they have available to you.  As stated, Google Classroom and Edgenuity are our two online platforms. All students have a gmail account and can access all of their Google Classrooms through that account. However, if your student states they have never logged onto Edgenuity before then the following will be there login information. You will also find this information at the bottom of the master plan. 


Edgenuity Login for First Time Users: 

Login- firstnamelastname.levy

Password- DOB (6 digits)


The link to the WMHS  Master Plan for Remote Learning is linked here- 


Students without internet access-We have you recorded to receive a paper packet on Tuesday, March 31st via bus drop off or school pick up. If you have not spoken to someone about how you will retrieve your packet then you need to message Mrs. Cribbs ( If you signed up for your packet to be delivered by bus, buses will be running on Tuesday between 10am-12pm delivering food and paper packets. Students must be present to receive food and packets. We want to ensure that the right student gets the right packet. Buses will run each Tuesday to bring food, drop off packets, and pick up returning packets. However, the first packet is two weeks worth of work, so WMHS will be picking up or dropping off packets again on April 14th. Our hope is to return to school on April 15th. However, if this is not the case on the April 14th run a new packet will be dropped off. If you signed up to pick your paper packet up at the school, you may come to the front office anytime between 8am-3pm on Tuesday, March 31st. You will need to return the packet no later than April 14th to the front office. Regardless of receiving paper based instruction, please reference the campus master plan in the previous link to get all forms of communication per teacher. 


Students without a device to work on- We have you recorded to pick up a chromebook from us on Monday, March 30th between 9-11am or 1-3pm. You need to come to the front of the school. We will be on the sidewalk out front signing out chromebooks to students. Students must be present to receive one, as they must log in and sign it out on the actual chromebook itself. 


Another note- Tuesday, March 31 is also food distribution day if you are not receiving it via bus. This will be located at the back of our campus. Please use the entrance off of 41. This is between hours of 10am-12pm. 


What if you need help during this time? Please, as always, do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Please see the master plan link for all forms of communication per teacher. Teachers will be checking emails, making/receiving calls, sending messages, etc. daily from 8am-3pm. In the master plan link you will also find contacts for guidance counselors, Ms. Guido, Ms. Perez, and more. 


Please know, we will all make mistakes on this journey. Please feel free to ask questions, but please show grace for us as we work through our own learning of how to teach from a distance. We wish we were with our students in person. We are missing them dearly! We are praying this doesn’t last long, but until we see you all again, this is our task to complete TOGETHER!



Your WMHS Admin and Teachers





Due to Covid19 we have extended our AVID Application DUE DATE to this Friday, 4/3.   

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